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Weekly 150KM Target Hit 👍

Weekly 150KM Target Hit 👍

Reached 150km this week. But its hard at the end.  Legs take about 10 minutes to get going at the beginning of each run.  After that they just get to a pain threshold which is comfortable.  No injuries, no strains, just a steady pace, keeping heartrate around 135-140 if possible to keep me in the fat burning range.

Lost 4.3kg since November and now consistently below 90kg, even on the morning weigh in.

After Thursdays 20km, I actually got to 87.5 through water loss!

Rest week coming up this week, before picking it up in April.  Target by end April is 200km per week.  This will now need an early morning run - which I am not looking forward to.  The daily rota will go like:

  • 6am : 15km run
  • 11:30am : 10km run
  • 5:30pm : 15km run

This was last weeks stats.

But this week its rest and possibly some light gym work at home.