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Training "Crash"

Training "Crash"

So, once I finished the 150km week, I took a week off.  Not a good idea.

First day back after 7 run free days (2 rounds of golf though), I ran 15, 10, 15 on the Monday.

Tuesday, I woke up with really heavy legs but managed 15 in the morning.

Lunchtime, my legs were dead.

So that week, the runs were (morning, lunchtime, evening):

  • Monday: 15, 10, 15
  • Tuesday: 15
  • Wednesday: 15
  • Thursday: 15, 10
  • Friday: Nothing (Easter break)

By Thursday my legs started to feel good again.

So lesson learned: dont go completely into a full and absolute rest period.  You cant then pick up where you left off and have to go through the warm up days.  This is a good lesson for the actual event, where I will need to keep running right up to the start (or maybe a day earlier)

Good point is that Garmin recognised this and pushed my VO2 Max up to 47.  highest yet.