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Long Run

Long Run

With a weeks holiday coming to a close, I decided to go for a long run - to check where physical ailments would show up as I extend distance.  This was essentially a road run on paths - all flat.

Weather was forecast for cloud and no rain - perfect.  However 15km in, it started to be torrential rain and stayed that way until 5lm from home.

The run itself was ok, no major problems.  I took a very good leisurely pace at first. Then I realised I was on for a PB marathon if I stepped it up.  Which I did.  In hind site this was a mistake.  I made the PB but at a cost.

The run finished with no apparent major problems physically although certain twinges were beginning to show up, and running became increasingly difficult after about 60km.  Short bursts only and my right knee would start to hurt and I would stop.

Lessons learned:

  • Pace: Stick to the ultra race pace you start with (and you soon figure out what yours is - mine is around 7 minutes per km) - all the time.  Increasing the pace increases impact on your knees which is bad over a long distance
  • Wet weather gear: (so called all-weather raincoats) effectively get soaked and become useless after multiple hours under a downpour.  I have decided to either get a proper pack-a-mac solid plastic version which definitely keeps water out for long distances - or just use a modified plastic bag.  I might sweat underneath but that is more manageable than getting all your layers eventually soaked. After all, there will be more walking than running so I dont need to spend $200 on a super waterproof running jacket.  I might bring an umbrella...:).  I also have an army poncho which might be more use.
  • Run/Walk combo: I ran the first 42km (PB marathon - stupid boy!) and I should have broken it up into more walk run combos.  Admittedly my pace was very sedate to begin with which seemed to go fine.  However, as I ran over half distance, I then paid with it as I had to walk for an hour to recover after the insane attempt at the PB, and this impacted later on as I got towards the end.  Running short stints worked but only for maybe 1-200 yds at a time.  That doesn't help race speed or time.  Also, I ended up with slight knee swelling on my left leg the next day.  Not overtly painful but would certainly impact me for a two+ day race

So I will do this again, but stick to the acceptable (for me) race pace, disregard any PB's and get a real idea of both time and recovery by doing more run/walk combos.