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Injured! 😢

Injured! 😢

It began with a simple thing - packing the car to drive to UK to get ahead of the game for COVID quarantine and hill time for bogs, paths, trails and midges.

Disaster struck on the last final piece (no joke) of luggage being pushed into the boot of the car.

I pulled my back - right at the bottom of the spine.  Agony!  No longer could I bend, and it was agony just to walk. The drive over was hell.

[10 days later] Now after quarantine is completing, the back is still sore but I can move and I hope to run tomorrow.  Lock down for 10 days has prevented me from doing anything major as its only the garden for walks and stretches.  I appeared to be doing much better and then I cut the grass with the mower...exacerbating the injury for a sore back the next day.  

However now, it feels like muscle strain which is on the mend, a bit tight but no agonising stabbing pain and touching my toes feels possible but I'm not stretching it yet.

I will run on Saturday (officially out of quarantine) and hopefully a small 10k will loosen the muscles.