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Ghost + Plesk = Rubbish

Ghost + Plesk = Rubbish

Recently I was getting fed up using ISPCONFIG3 for managing my sites. So I opted to go for Plesk. Lots of support, good interface, highly recommended, and supported nodejs for Ghost (uh-oh!)

Long story short - took hours to migrate all my webs, databases and settings over to Plesk from ISPCONFIG3, not least of which I was still learnign Plesk. However, all good, all 29 sites up and running and now to bing across Ghost and this blog.

Nope, not a chance. Ghost has shifted to focusing on delivering a Ghost-Cli install wihch, while its useful for easy installation on a bare metal server, means they have lost interest in updating the alternative methods around nopde installs using the package.json.

It fails - and no amount of trying to Google and fix it manually worked.

So I now have TWO web servers, one specifically for this web. Not the best of worlds but I do have a better interface for my othe web sites.

I do hope the Ghost team update the platform to support Ghost as a module in Plesk - that would be perfect.