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Cape Wrath Ultra - 2022

Cape Wrath Ultra - 2022

So come Jan 3rd I will be committed to training again for the CWU in Scotland. Follow my progress here.

Rough planning looks like this:

  • End of Jan 2022 - @ 50-75km weekly (at least 2 weeks consecutively) - @5-@10km splits
  • Feb - gym, stairs, legs, weight loss program and general fitness
  • End of March 2022 - @ 100km weekly (at least 2 weeks consecutively)
  • Mid April - one run @ 60km+, one run @ 75km+ completed and 1 weekend of 2 runs @ 50km+
  • Mid April - May - leg work, beach and hill training where I can find it

Focus is:

  • establish what sports bars I can consume or how I can consume them (perhaps smaller bite size rather than bar size?, covered in honey?)
  • new running pack required - the previous one is now really battered
  • legs and stairs training for the mountains
  • weight loss - really need to get as close to 80kg as I can (!)

<sigh> - this will be a long hard 5 months!