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A Changing World

A Changing World

I write this 4 months into the largest global crisis that has hit the world in living memory (more than a generation), with lost lives, lost jobs, lost businesses, and the inability (through government intervention) for face to face human interaction (for at least more than 2 at a time) other than within your own home.

So in a time when global upheaval is rampant, businesses, airlines, and small businesses galore, all struggling, retrenching or furloughing staff, or simply laying them off, its even more of a surprise (and in a way, hugely guilty) to mention I got promoted at work.  But it happened.

So I will try and revisit this blog in future (dependent on our family ability to stay clear of the rampant virus attacking the global population) to pass the time and provide something for those who follow the link in Linked In which brings them here.

Sad times in the world at large, and an odd feeling from a personal perspective given the headlines hitting me every morning.

I did have a small celebration in the Baram Bull..for those in the know...